First things first. I must find some walking shoes. Do I have any? Have my seldom-used tennis shoes been chewed to pieces by the dog, or left out back in the mud? Do all the kids have soled shoes that still fit? For the last few months we’ve been marching around in Ugg boots and slippers. But now, with temperatures near 80 degrees, and the sidewalk beckoning, I wonder if I can locate six pairs of decent, matching shoes. And socks, for that matter. Ugh. First some coffee!

Imagine my surprise when, coffee cup in hand, I read that today, April 5, is One Day Without Shoes Day. Oh My! Isn’t life ironic? Here I was all set to forgo the car and use the shoes, and now I’m encouraged to forgo the shoes as well.

My earlier plans of digging through closets and mounds of laundry are thankfully thwarted. I return to my coffee, marveling that this journey is going to begin the old-fashioned way – barefoot! (But thankfully not pregnant). Will you join me, and take off your shoes?