Now that I’ve decided to ditch the car, a lot of questions arise. For starters, how will I get to the nearest Kaiser Urgent Care facility, fourteen miles away? As anyone  familiar with our family knows, we are regulars at Urgent Care. We suffer it all. Just in the last twelve months we have sought medical treatment for kidney stones, ileus, broken ribs, pneumonia, autoimmune hemolytic anemia, chicken pox, concussion, and heart arrhythmia. But now, given my self-imposed car challenge, how will I get us there? Especially in a panicked, irritated state? Fourteen miles are much too far to make it on foot; too far to bike with kids in tow for sure. What if I catch a ride with my sister, or my husband drives one or all of us…does that count?

Of course no little voice magically answers my questions. Since I’ve devised this moral obstacle-course, I must define the requirements. Yet what are my ‘rules’ going to be? Can I realistically survive on a daily basis without a car? Have I lost my mind? Is this what a mid-life crisis is for the extremely bored and lonely?

Seriously though, I must decide when, and for what reasons, will using the car not undercut my goal.  Can I use the car to drive to San Diego this weekend to check out the custom bike show?,0,7041182.story Who knows, maybe they can build a custom”Mom’ bike with attached kid seats and a retractable gurney for those trips to Urgent Care. Hmm… now I think I’m really on to something!