I must confess: This morning I wanted to quit my ‘car-lite’ campaign.

I’m just too tired to ‘get up and go’. Yesterday I jogged, shoveled dirt, and walked back and forth to school. This is more reoccurring physical exertion in a short time span than my body has attempted for years, if not decades.

This morning my sixteen-year-old was without his normal ride to the high school.  By the time I cajoled him out of bed, into the shower, then out again, it was much too late for anything but a ‘crisis cruise’. So I drove him to school. By the time I returned home I was mentally exhausted from kicking myself silly for using the car. Which is when I received the frantic call from my fourteen-year-old. He had left his ‘Ode to Kaius’ poem at home, the very assignment he and I had slaved over last night, that he was so proud of now, that was due this morning. I saw the printed out paper sitting there, right next to the computer. “Do I try to run it to the Jr. High before I bike with the girls to the elementary school?” I thought anxiously. No. I grabbed my car keys and drove it down there instead. Then I told my girls to jump in, that we were quitting the campaign and taking the car today.

They jumped in, delighted. Not one of them tried to talk me out of it. All three just sat and looked out the window dreamily. I sat in the traffic line and contemplated trying again. I could walk to the grocery store. I needed milk and cat litter and shampoo. But cat litter is heavy. So is milk. I probably wouldn’t even be able to carry shampoo if I bought the other two items. I grabbed some coffee and plunked down in front of the computer. Alright – forget the store.

I decided to window shop the world-wide web, instead. Nothing like a little virtual retail therapy to rejuvenate the senses, right! And bonanza – I stumbled upon the piece de resistance for one wavering Little Red, suddenly inspired again to walk (or ride) the ‘hood. Take a look for yourself:  http://blog.madsencycles.com/

I think I’m in love.  I feel kind of swoony just typing the web address. That is one sweet ride!

But who has $1485.00 in a bike budget? Good grief, love really does hurt sometimes!