Little Red has felt pretty blue lately, in that I haven’t wanted to write much. Sometimes my thoughts seem too depressing, too dull, too decidedly unpopular even. Sometimes the world outside my windows doesn’t inspire me much. Lately I find the news, even in bits and pieces from the internet, unbearable. I don’t fancy the current crop of movies, or tv shows, or celebrities, or anything else that I see hitting the headlines, either. Nothing seems to shine, or make me feel like it’s even worth commenting on. When thousands of people march and say words and it has no impact, then I think, ‘Who really cares what one person’s words are?’

But there’s another reason I haven’t been writing much….because I’ve become an addict….an iPhone/instagram fool if you will, in three days’ time. Who knew I could snap a picture with my new iPhone, press a few buttons, adjust some color tones, and voila – a picture pretty enough to hang! Or set as my wallpaper.Lately I’m wordlessly content, here in iPhone zone, where it’s instaglee 4 me, 4 rlz, 4 sho.

My addiction started innocently enough last Friday, when it rained poured the entire day. Rain came down all night and on into the day just as steady and exasperating as if someone turned on the shower, then walked away and left it on for, oh, eight hours or so.

Finally, around dinner time, the clouds parted and the sun made a sheepish appearance. I ran outside to breathe some fresh air and stretch my legs, as did every other upright homo sapien and their canine companion, and while I was out I couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed by the staggering beauty of the still-dripping, still-bursting-into-bloom trees.I wandered around the block snapping one little blushing bit of nature after another with my newly treasured iPhone, Pearl, named so because of her color, but also because historically pearls were treasured jewels, while technology is what’s valuable today.  Now here I was with my new friend, a much-needed tech upgrade, a modern-day jewel to covet and carry close to my heart, my very own pearl Pearl! And boy howdy, was she fun to play with and get to know.

Then Saturday rolled around with a repeat of Friday’s weather, and again I was trapped inside all day – this time with five kids and a hubby MIA, of course. As it stormed outside I began to notice snippets of beauty right there within my own home that would be perfect for an instagram photo – Juliet playing with her toys in the tub,Annalise practicing her oboe, Jacob staring at an enormous whale (April Fools…that was an oldie but goodie!)

By mid-afternoon I’d run out of ideas, yet magically the rain ceased, that fickle sun waved its lovely fingers hello again, and wow, did I suddenly want need to go outside and take more photos.

I told the girls to put on shoes for a neighborhood stroll to Goodwill. They had been playing with their dolls most of the day, and I granted them each $5.00 for doll accoutrements, so off we went, a haphazard but happy tribe. None of the girls would stop running or shrieking long enough to pose where I wanted them to (this picture was taken as one girl tried to walk as far away from me as she could), but I didn’t care. Because a chicken posed beautifully when I stopped and begged her to look my way.And pink petals lined the sidewalks and stairs of nearby homes as if we were strolling through a fairytale full of swans and sprites, not walking down a neighborhood street in Ballard.

As the sun sank into my bones and trees burst with pink wonder I clasped my hand around my newest besty ever… Pearl. I cherished her not because I could finally text or phone or tweet or blog like any other hip, urbanite mom, but because suddenly the job of Mom Memory Keeper seemed fun again! Instagram instantly wiped the rain from the little window panes of my world and showed them sunny and dazzling once again.

So if you don’t hear from me for a while, know it’s not because of rain, or rage, or rad coffee shops I’m hanging out in tweeting and blogging….it’s because I’m busy crushing on Pearl, and this newfound Instaglam life.