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Dear Phil, 

You’re hot!

Maybe a bit older and more formal than I expected…yet, fun!


Of course, I’m no photographer, but I can sure picture the two of us together…


Seriously, though,

You were not my first choice, Phil.

(Nor my second, if truth be told).

I yearned for opulence, romance, waves…

An attractive accent, for a start.

Something nicer than a schlepped sandwich, for pity sake.

But somehow, LOVE, you won me over.IMG_8495


Dear John, 

I can’t believe I don’t know your real name.

I really wish I did.

It would make talking about you behind your back so much easier. 

You may be the finest white male I’ve ever encountered on a park bench. I can’t get you out of my mind. To shout out the way you did, “Hello! Hello!” over top all that moaning and yelling, your unhesitating “Ladies!” offered like a lifesaver, there outside a stinky park crapper.

“Would you like me to take him in, help him go to the bathroom?”

Oh, John! To offer such services to a severely disabled man you’d never met…

Talk about brotherly love!IMG_8869

If a heavenly, bearded, man-deity truly hovers overhead, following our every move like an avian gangster, (remember, it’s lawful to believe anything you want here!), certainly the skies should have parted, raining golden confetti down upon your head, there outside the fly-infested loo on Kelly Drive.

I can’t believe I didn’t tell you how I felt right then and there.

You had me at, “Hello!”, John!


Dear Ben,

You’re electrifying!

Seriously, you’ve made me look twice!

Let’s all hang together, shall we?

(But Poor Richard! Surely he can hang separately?)

I feel you watching me, Ben. I catch your twinkling eye everywhere.IMG_7580Clearly you’re a charmer! Chatting up the ladies, (obviously), but a few fine gentlemen, too.

I’ll admit I lingered where you once did dwell, Ben… (for a few months, sporadically, in between European bouts that featured plenty of lady routs). Your home seems well-to-do, based on the four reconstructed beams. And how delightful it was, to look down your privy!IMG_8856

Would you indulge in a drink or two (or thirteen) some night?IMG_7951

Please, Ben, send me a note, post haste!IMG_7957


Dear Gus,

Your admiration for the human form leaves me speechless…But -!IMG_7118

I don’t mind telling you that I’ve never been willing to enter the Gates of Hell for anyone before you!IMG_7075

I feel you really know me, Gus, inside and out.

Still, I’m worried. There’s so many of us damned women fawning over your every nook and cranny.

I do love how you’ve encouraged us all to draw…to sit and linger near your body of work.

I just don’t know how to separate from you, Gus, we’re so completely entwined!


Dear Tom,

I’ll never believe that all men are equally as capable as you! I mean – look at your handwriting! IMG_8540

I’m actually embarrassed to say too much, now, after you’ve spelled it all out for me like this. 

I’m just afraid I might crack under the pressure, Tom!IMG_8542


Dear Phil,

I keep coming back to you.IMG_7377

You welcomed me like family.

You offered me food and drink.


“Make that a double, ,Sir!”

You were fun and friendly, fancy, too…


All while displaying your NO BULLSHIT policy clearly at everyone’s feet.

Certainly, you had me viewing the past, and the present, with upturned eyes, Phil. IMG_8857

And what’s not to LOVE about that? (I’m already craving a re-PHIL!)